KCCPAD is implementing KYC features through https://kycaid.com/

The KYC process is very simple and quick to go through, but we recommend you complete the KYC earlier than later, as KYCAID takes up to a day or more to approve. If you leave it last minute before an IDO start time you might miss out on the IDO itself.

For Fresh KYC on KCCPAD follow below STEPS:

FYI: You need to be holding/staking a minimum of 1000 KCCPAD tokens to start the KYC process.

How to Complete KYC Process: A simple 2-minute 4-step process

Before you start, it will save time to get the documents you need ready first. You will need either a government issue ID card, a Passport or a driving license.

And finally, get a piece of paper and write down:


Getting started

Go to https://kccpad.io/ and connect your wallet, then click on the KYC button, it looks like this on the top right of the page:

The first page will be your country of residence

This needs to be the same country as on your passport or ID card you are submitting. If you are in a different country right now, that does not matter, this needs to be set to the same country as your ID.

The second page will ask for your profile

This is simple, your gender, name, date of birth, email address and if you are a politically exposed person — are you someone who has been entrusted with a prominent public function. If not, select no.

The third page is your verification document

Please use a document you have on hand, because the next page will ask you to take a selfie with that document.

The last page is a selfie with the document you submitted previously

Please take a photo (or upload the photo you prepared earlier) of your ID document with your phone or camera. Then also take a photo of yourself (selfie of your face) holding your ID document and the paper you wrote on next to your face (not covering your face).


The verification process should be complete in less than a day. You will receive an email if it is approved or if it has failed for some reason.

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